Monday, 23 May 2016

To the Nilgiris Part 1

This was a spontaneous trip. And it was amazing! Most of the pictures were taken from a moving vehicle. .so, if the frame seem a little off. . *shrug* The best part was when we were sorta one with nature. Word's can't describe how I felt. It was really peaceful. Random animal sighting. Majority of it being monkeys though haha. . .Oh! And the air was crisp and just so good! It wasn't very cold nor was it warm. Perfection. Inner peace? I think I'm pretty close :)
Felt as if I was in a movie. But really, it was only because it felt so good. 

This particular area had very interesting buildings. Low ceiling I think and use of pillar was common and the houses were pretty old. You get the picture right? Ironic I didn't capture the one with pillars. 

The tress behind were really flimsy.

This was HUGE!

Random Anna who tried so hard to sell his Chai.

From KPS

Bliss and feeling blessed.

And then it got dark,

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