Saturday, 18 August 2012


Life is actually very peachy. I think one should start worrying only when everything seem smooth, too smooth. It's only what I think, so don't let it get into your head. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Precious

Work of yours truly 
Look at the enthusiasm she's got on her face! And my Naruto is probably like 'huh. ok' I was told that little miss Volume two here was the best in her class when it came to singing and dancing haha. . I know she's the best at both singing and dancing. I've got video proof! O yea! Very talented when it comes to mashing up songs mmmhmm. . .
And my Naruto! where do I even start. . .he's got this "made in china" three wheeler car. Drives like a pro[with just one hand sometimes]. Cleans it like a pro. And drifts like a pro! Will upload photo proof shortly.
I feel so blessed to have these adorable bunch.

P.S- - this is sorta off topic, but I had to share this link>>  Why you should date a photographer :D 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Towers of Charm

Whenever I watch movies where the setups are usually dry and . . and dry. Always made me wonder "How do they manage to live at a place like that?" But then, when I was at this place, and I still feel what I felt back then when I see this picture. I realized that even things/places that may look dull/dry or unattractive, it has it's own charm. If the picture doesn't convey anything then I've probably sorta failed. And I'm not a connoisseur of whatever or anything but, you! yes you. . .take a look at things differently, maybe? nah. . .just messing with your head heehee. . . Like or don't like, our choices are not the same. So, not forcing or anything. (^_^)