Sunday, 29 July 2012


Quack quack quack!! Reason why I love going for joy rides. You never know what you might come across or see. Weeds for them to feed on. They have the perfect life. Well, until they become food themselves. Too bad they can't fly far far away. Have to keep up the food chain system you see.
Happy Sunday to those who read this (^_^)*

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 Market places are always very interesting. The people and the surroundings etc. It's crowded[I don't like crowds], but I guess exceptions can be made because it's different.
If you're not one of those, then next time you visit a market place, try and observe heehee. . .

Meitei Phanek

My cousin who speaks as though she's on volume 2 all the time and cries like there's no tomorrow, and my O my. . .she's Loud! But yea the awesome sister that I am, I found a way to make her stop heehee . . I simply let her apply my lip balm[she thinks it's lipstick] and she just stops. She loves make-up, and that's why the 'lip balm' trick works on her. She's so tiny. She'd be calling me from a distance and it takes me a few long seconds to figure out where she's at. Yea she's that tiny!
Here's she's dressed up because her favorite song is playing and of course because she wants to dance, which is basically just jumping around. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Read a book recently. Honestly, I never thought I would read the particular book. But eventually I read it because it was there and I needed/wanted something to read. So anyway, it's about changing the past [bringing back that one person] and other stuff. Of course it's fiction and all, but it was nice. If I could, I'd like to meet grandpa just once more. Who knew the book that I was ignoring for ages would make me cry like a baby. [*looks away*]
Book name - Will you be there?
Author - Guillaume Musso
Originally in French. Thank GOD the translation was good. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Heart for Happyness

Que Music- - - Glee's Journey - Don't stop believing ♪

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To my Sister

This is to congratulate you and stuff. . . Embarking on a new journey, new place & everything.
Know that I always pray for you even though I don't seem like it.
I'm writing/saying all these here because I probably won't be saying it to you in person. Here's a virtual hug haha. . .because I most definitely won't be doing it for real so yea, virtual is what I prefer.

P S-- I'm not even sure if she even reads my blog or anything. Anyway, whenever she reads it. It's fine.
Since I suck so much at "showing the love" or whatever. I've done it here by dedicating this to her.
P P S-- Sis if you do read this someday, please don't even think of saying thanks or whatever to me. Just keep quiet. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What waits. . .

I had to drag my nephew with me to get this shot. There was no electricity and actually I was out to take night shots of the hills and the moonlight was perfect. So, it was later that I got a shot like this. I like this shot mainly because of how the light and smoke blends and how it's reflected on the bamboos. Also, it's as if. . .if you walk towards the light, there's a pot of gold waiting for you hahah. . .
My neighbor saw me and he was like "O it's you and your camera." I took it as a compliment. ^^~ They saw a lot of us[Camera and I] actually. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I think this was the first time I put my little naruto to sleep.
All I had to do was make up stories. I was telling him how a monster fell in love with a cyborg and how the cheetah was tricked. . .yup! actually I was just telling him all the random stuff that popped up in my useless brain. I guess all I had to do was simply bore him heheh. . .

I miss him. When he calls, I think I literally glow because it makes me so freaking happy! Best feeling in the world when he drops a peck on my cheek. Tiny little creature. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Autumn leaves

When I see leaves like this for some reason it reminds me of Japan. I've never been to Japan but for some reason it does. Maybe it's because I watch too much Animes. They're really good. Watch any Studio Ghibli Film. . .you'll love it.
Speaking of Japan. I so want to visit Kyoto. Apart from sight seeing and capturing moments, I know I'd probably end up buying tons of anime figurines[yes I'm one of those] and FOOD and and and Cosplay maybe *cough cough*! So much to do!
My travel destination lists just seem endless.
Read this somewhere today "DON'T LET DREAMS ALWAYS BE DREAMS." Some quotes just makes you wonder, don't they?

Friday, 6 July 2012


A song can make your day. . . and finally a smile[picture huge grin] plastered over your face just because it made you think of someone. Some beats are just right. No? Ever had that wonderful feeling where your heart is simply happy? It's something like that.
Anyway, here's me hoping even if my dreams are high up there. . .I'll reach for it.
I wish I was home right this minute. eh whatever` my times are well spent even in solitude or so I'd like to think heehee. . .

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Blue Night

I was half hoping I would witness some sort of cool battle.
You know. . .like some flying Ninja Samurai.
Sword battle maybe or just some Ninja passing by, hop trotting on the roof. But to my disappointment I didn't witness no such awesomeness. . .it was just the majestic sky, the stars and me.
The second picture looks as if someone's painted them perfect. The clouds framing the stars. Different types of clouds, the one that looks like sheep hair/wool and the normal ones just swishing away[thanks to the slow shutter]. I wish I could name the type of clouds but I never really paid attention in geography classes. O well~