Tuesday, 17 July 2012

To my Sister

This is to congratulate you and stuff. . . Embarking on a new journey, new place & everything.
Know that I always pray for you even though I don't seem like it.
I'm writing/saying all these here because I probably won't be saying it to you in person. Here's a virtual hug haha. . .because I most definitely won't be doing it for real so yea, virtual is what I prefer.

P S-- I'm not even sure if she even reads my blog or anything. Anyway, whenever she reads it. It's fine.
Since I suck so much at "showing the love" or whatever. I've done it here by dedicating this to her.
P P S-- Sis if you do read this someday, please don't even think of saying thanks or whatever to me. Just keep quiet. 


  1. Thats a beauty :-)

    I do hope she reads it ;-)

    N hey hey hey deviantart fren ?

    1. Thank you! And yea hahah. . .deviantart :)
      How did you figure it out? :D