Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Local Bus

Carrying my camera to work can be a pain sometimes, buses aren't so safe because if I take my camera I end up carrying two bags. I'm absent minded and also terrified with the thought of losing my camera at the same time. Anyway, when you're travelling alone, observing people around you comes naturally. Yes, you'd come across many who are just mean, very nice and all sort. I like kids, but man o man! some of them are annoying or what! I mean this one time a plumpy kid[male] with no manners what-so-ever simply gave me a look, like a challenge! I was like "wha. . ?" But then of course, I don't have a pleasant face either, my eyes sends out wrong msgs I think. That aside, most of the conductors are good but the remaining few will give you a hard time. I understand their job is tough and all that, but they aren't the only one. 

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